Develop a masterplan for a science and technology campus on the environs of Maynooth, Co. Kildare. Design and obtain planning permission for a 4,200sq.m office building for an IT software developer.


Without a street to line up with, parapet heights to adjoin or contiguous buildings, this project still manages to define its place; special and unique with specific qualities. The study models explore that sense of place and scale, allowing a more thorough examination of the design possibilities. Given the natural landscape a single monolithic building, as a gateway is inappropriate and so the study model demonstrates how that scale is broken down into elements of human proportions. The proposed structure, just like Moygaddy House, its attendant stables and courtyards, creates spaces within and between the buildings themselves, thereby creating the outdoor spaces as well as indoor ones.  The building reaches out into the landscape, integrating site and structure. The parkland is pulled right through the scheme, through a series of gaps, courtyards, ramps and rooftop gardens. Car parking is hidden and pedestrian routes from car or point of arrival are carefully considered so that they are elevated to the realm of journey through the landscape. The study model communicates all of these intricate elements most successfully.


Planning permission for Building 1 was obtained as a material contravention to the land zoning in 2009. The masterplan supported a successful rezoning of the wider campus to provide for high technology and biotech industries.