Retain, refurbish and build to create a multi-use development where street front retail and residential spaces can co-exist comfortably, delivering all the benefits of city living without compromising on quality of life.

Key considerations include:

  • Retention and refurbishment of existing protected structures
  • The remainder of the site to be developed along the Coombe Bypass by four, five and six storey blocks containing a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments over retail units at ground floor
  • Provide circulation zones and sense of place for each cluster of apartments


In order to maximise the sense of light and space we designed a structure where the majority of apartments are dual aspect, thereby eliminating the need for central access corridors.

This design facilitates a flow between the vibrant, hustle and bustle of the city street and quieter, landscaped areas to the rear and on the roof.


Modulated blocks, varied roof heights and a mix of materials create a diversity of form that softens the linear nature of the car-orientated bypass.

This diversity is carried throughout the development, offering private areas of open space, balconies, roof gardens etc. in counterpoint to retail outlets and car parks.

Circulation zones for each cluster of apartments are located off a semi-private landscaped area which itself allows pedestrian access between the site and the bypass.