The development consists of a two storey building with retail on the ground floor and office use on the first floor.

The building is positioned to the rear of the site in such a way as to integrate the ground floor retail units as far as possible with the existing retails units of the adjacent Ballybrack shopping centre in the interests of continuity.

Care has been taken to minimize the scale of the building on the adjacent residential development by positioning the first floor accommodation to the east of the building.

The existing change in level at the rear of the site also assists in minimizing the overall height of the building as perceived from the north.

The overall massing of the building has been broken up by separating the first floor accommodation into a series of distinct rectilinear forms.

A complimentary palette of materials has been proposed to assist with this approach and includes metal and stone cladding as well as powder-coated alumnium curtain walling.

A dedicated screened rooftop area has been proposed to house any small items of air-conditioning plant that may be required by the retail units or offices and to prevent haphazard location of same.

It is proposed to implement a scheme of planting to green the wall at the northern edge of the site at ground floor level and in so doing soften the appearance of the building and negate the potential for vandalism to the wall.

Car-parking and disabled car-parking will be provided along with hard and soft landscaping and feature lamp-posts.