Lafferty Architects worked in collaboration with DEGW, London, to master plan the newly zoned Science & Technology Park  in Cherrywood, South County Dublin. Lafferty Architects undertook the design and construction of the first two office blocks (Buildings AA and AB) in the new science and technology Park at Cherrywood, South Dublin. Both buildings were to be designed very much with US multinational companies in mind.  The brief also included the Road network in the area and concept proposals in conjunction with DEGW for the Science & Technology Park.


The layout and configuration of the buildings created a campus setting where the building could grow into their environment with parking in tree lined bays to the rear of the buildings and a landscaped buffer between the buildings and the road frontage

In Building AA the offices were built around a central glazed atrium which housed the main restaurant area at ground floor overlooked from above. In Building AB which was slightly smaller, a more traditional approach was taken with a moderately deep office space and a small atrium space over the reception area. Both buildings were design on high sustainable principles and with the optimum gross to net ratios. The external facades of both building were constructed of granite cladding with dark blue tinted solar glazing.

Both buildings were successfully leased to US multinational companies, Lucent technology and Dell Computers prior to the completion of the construction works.  Both buildings were built within budget and on time.