The ESB headquarters on Dublin’s Fitzwilliam Street will undergo a much lauded 48,000 m² re-development. One, Two and Three Gateway buildings in Eastwall accommodates the majority of the staff during the transition.

Lafferty Architects in conjunction with the Collen Construction design team worked closely with ESB to provide a bespoke fit-out of these 3 large office buildings that caters to their special requirements in the most sustainable manner, providing a design that will see the fit-out re-useable post ESB tenancy.


The nature of ongoing relocation proposals for the various ESB departments requires a fast response in order to communicate designs with a wide range of end-users, accommodate input and relay these decisions to works as they progress on site.

The scope of works includes a large canteen; various smaller scale coffee stations and kitchenettes throughout the buildings; receptions with bespoke furniture; open office space and accommodation for specialist departments; comms and specialist IT requirements; showering and locker facilities; parking provisions; extensive building servicing and coordination of the same.

Along with all the usual complexities of such a large-scale project, ESB reused the majority of its furniture and equipment in a considerate effort to reduce waste. This involved a high level of coordination to locate each individual piece within the new fit-out.


This project could only be achieved in the given time frame with a BIM Level 2 coordinated design team and a common data environment. Designs can be clearly communicated to both the clients and on-site with real time 3D images, models and synchronised drawings and schedules generated from the architectural model. All consultant models are combined, “federated”, into a working model to foresee any possible problems in 3D before they might occur on site. Structure, services, fit-out installations and even the existing ESB HQ furniture can be tested in proposed locations before construction. Lists and schedules generated from the model ensures the evolving brief requirements are accommodated.

The relocation met the deadlines and tight time constrains with ESB and the end-users providing positive feedback on the results. Extensive consultation right down to sun studies considering every desk location ensured a high degree of satisfaction with each occupant. We are continuing to provide architectural services for smaller resultant projects proving a good working relationship with ESB.