At the end of 2016 our client identified the requirement for a larger premises to cater for its expanding needs. The brief was to provide an open plan work space which would foster collaboration and shared learning, while also providing spaces for privacy and quiet working. The client also wanted a unique space which represented the company’s core values of collaboration, teamwork and a celebration of unique, quality design.  This was a Cat A & Cat B Fit Out of existing 1st floor space for approximately 50 persons.


The brief was achieved by providing a range of spaces from open collaboration areas of varying sizes, a multitude of closed meeting room sizes and a large town hall space, all of which are located around the perimeter of the open plan area.

The material palette concept was to retain the light industrial character of the of the existing premises. This was achieved by either by retaining and celebrating the existing materials, or reflecting these materials in a modern iteration. Areas of the original concrete slab were exposed and polished to give them a new lease of life. The carpet selection takes on the colour palette and pattern of the original concrete floor. A large concrete wall running from the reception area into the boardroom was left completely untouched. Exposed mechanical and electrical services add to the light industrial look and feel, as well as the original large steel columns and beams which have been left exposed. Softer materials such as walnut timber bring warmth to the space.