Lafferty Architects have been engaged to review the area and formulate a design response. Ashgrove Terrace currently sits vacant and is challenged by dated building fabric and a compromised floor plate. The events space to the rear of Ashgrove Terrace currently per­forms semi-successfully as public realm and events space, but is challenged by the lack of active frontage and poor hard landscaping and lighting conditions. The Basement which sits below the events space is partially excavated and unoccupiable in its current state.

The over arching aim of this proposal is to bring life and activity to the Pembroke Square District and enhance the public realm by establishing a permanent events space, ac­tivated by quality food and beverage offerings. There are many different aspects to the overall design for the Pem­broke Square Development which underpins this response.

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The extension mimics Ashgrove Terrace’s pitched roof form and orientation in its modern idiom, knitting in to the ur­ban grain of the area. Large glass openings allow the ex­isting Ashgrove terraces to be perceived from the square. The existing random rubble rear wall of Ashgrove is being retained where possible, and runs from outside to in, be­coming a feature interior wall. The single storey extension fills what would be a vacant and unused part of the site. Crucially this provides a boundary to the square as well as acting as active frontage, injecting life into the area.

The additional uses in this area will tie in with the existing uses of retail, leisure and food and beverage. With the in­terventions as indicated the Pembroke Square Development will fulfil its potential as an active public realm and events space feeding off quality food and beverage offerings.