The proposed development is located on two distinct sites; Plot A - the north surface car park opposite the Rua Arts Centre, Theatre and Civic Offices and Plot B - an extension to retail level 3 built on the existing roof level car park over the Phase 2 Extension at the south side of the Town Centre.


The proposed development to the North of the existing Town Centre creates a seamless extension to the north mall at level 2, creating a 65.0m long double height mall incorporating a new 60,000sqft two level department store and 80,000sqft of MSU retail space designed to suit multiples. This mall will create a new entrance to the Town Centre directly onto a high quality civic space, shared by the existing theatre and arts centre.

The building will provide a modern face to The Square more in context with the urban form that has grown around it in recent years. Car parking for the development will be provided by a new naturally ventilated six level multi-storey car park. Catering for the new retail area and replace the lost surface spaces, the car park will be customer friendly, with a direct link to the retail mall via a lift core and corridor at level 2.

A separate 60,000 SQFT Anchor Store to the South of the Centre also formed part of the successful planning permission.

The successful planning permission to add 250,000 SQFT of high quality comparison retail to the Centre, provides a platform to redefine The Square Town Centre as a strong regional retail destination.