The building has been designed to recognise the responsibility between its immediate context and fulfilling its role to adhere to the principles of rhythm, tone, materials, plot width and height predominant on the Quays.

A careful balanced approach to transparency and solid-to-void ratio has informed the design development to respect the principles above while optimising daylight and the incredible views available.

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The proposed facade has been designed to respect its prominent location and provide a considered well-mannered composition, sympathetic to the existing architectural diversity of the Liffey quays, while clearly a building of its time. The new composition will be an elegant contemporary stone framed building with floor to ceiling glazing to the office floors. The stone articulates plot widths and provides strength to the parapet line and legibility to the ground level. Deep reveals to the stone frame provide solidity and integration to the façade.

The stone frame terminates at the fourth floor parapet level allowing the two tiered penthouse to be distinct as a lighter, more transparent element.


Below is an animation of the design BIM model for Scotch House which illustrates the combination of the 3D models from the different design consultants. The orange model is the structural model, the green model is electrical building services and blue model indicates mechanical services. The grey elements are the retained structural elements post-demolition.