The making of a new street, commercial and residential quarter. The site is in the urban centre of Dundalk, bound by Francis Street to the north and the Ramparts Road to the south.


As architects our aspiration is to establish a connection between the old town to the north and the town centre expansion to the south. The dual character of the site is addressed by way of our proposals for differing buildings - linked by their materiality and architectural vocabulary, yet distinctive to their differing contexts. One is the announcement of a new street at Francis Street with its grain taking reference from the existing parapets, yet also signalling newness and lightness. The second is the fragmented massing increasing in scale to address the openness of the town centre expansion area to the south.

The underutilised buildings and structures together with the surface car park will be substituted by a new place, creating a different scale and feel in the urban quarter. Public interaction at street level is thus provided for and the social and economic benefits foster a new sense of place, which will in turn generate its own energy and synergy.


The new street becomes the generating axis between Frances St and Ramparts Rd. Careful consideration of spatial and material factors, mean that the series of buildings form a dramatic feature on the street. Its new urban space and sequence provide for a new urban quarter, generating human interaction at both street and upper levels.